Hi you guys, My name is Kevin Browne.

And this picture below is more or less me in this pic from my niece’s wedding in Pittsburg in September 2023.

Thought this entire PA wedding would be horrible, turns out it it was amazing.

Reception dinner at a winery in the woods, non religious 14 minute ceremony, and then the party that night in a gorgeous hotel that I had suites in! Damn.

Story of my life is i never know.

I think I am super lucky in that I was a Madison Ave guy for like 2 decades (yes, you’ve seen my commercials endlessly) but as copywriters started to freak this past year about ai and Chatgpt, I knew it was the future. Now it is all I focus on. Where I used to work for brands that were, I don’t know…lacking

I am beyond fascinated by making money online now with the help of some of the most powerful AI tools on planet earth.

My early times in Los Angeles in advertising (after winning a bunch of student awards) should have been filled with me writing coupons and supermarket end-of-aisle trash banners.

But that did not happen.

I was hired by Dan Mountain at Kresser Craig in Santa Monica…and Dan was a heavy hitter in the ad world. You remember the best of the best Perrier stuff? That was Dan. And he was unreal with the words.

Dan hired me and we became instant friends drinking in the bar on the bottom floor of our agency. (Looking back, I am sure that was too much drinking). My God, it was way too much.

But this is where I became a stunningly good copywriter. I learned how to write with passion and have no one feel as if I was selling…I WAS ALLOWING THEM TO BUY. (Huge difference.)

These logos you see are the brands that I worked for at 4 of the biggest ad agencies on the planet including McCann WorldWide, Young & Rubicam and J. Walter Thompson.

While there I kinda went on a rampage and wrote and produced a few hundred commercials that you all have seen. (And loved…lol.)